“Recording our first record seemed like a daunting task, but working with Lindsay Graham and Junius made it a little easier. Lindsay was straightforward and fun and flexible to work with, offering insights and helpful recommendations along the way. We had next to no experience in a studio, but we were guided through the process patiently, learning as we went.

“From horn arranging to laying down bass and organ parts, Lindsay did no more than we asked and no less than we expected. I am really satisfied with the finished product and recommend checking out Junius if you are looking for a place to make your record well and enjoying it in the process.”

Benj Potca, The Beaten Sea

“The time I spent in-studio at Junius was extremely productive. Lindsay and Chris are real pros, and they always get right down to business. Their knowledge of music - not to mention their great local industry connections - made everything run like clockwork. They handled my recording sessions with attention to detail and speed, all at a very reasonable price.”

Matthew LaBrot, solo artist

“My experience with Junius Recording Company was nothing like I was expecting my first studio album process to be - you usually go into these things anticipating lazy musicians with a fancy computer wasting your time and money away. What I got in Chris Carmichael was the hardest working producer and engineer doing the best and most efficient work he was capable of doing. The suggestions were creative and well-developed and Chris' guidance through the whole process made it as painless as possible. He truly went above and beyond in making sure that I was totally comfortable and confident at every turn. I finished my record there knowing that I had made the best possible decision for recording in Dallas, and my finished product is proof that it was worth every cent.

Madison King, solo artist

“We were studio virgins tackling a 13 song project which seemed a bit daunting, but with Lindsay at the helm, we cruised through the session. His work ethic was infectious. There were many production decisions that had to be made during the recording process. Lindsay approached all of them with confidence and a decisive attitude that prevented the session from bogging down or falling into an apathetic lull.

“We were very excited to use all of the wonderful toys that the studio had to offer, and remorseful when we accidentally blew a few of them up by rocking too hard. Lindsay really allowed us to push things to the limit, and beyond in some cases.

“I have always been apprehensive when it came to the sound of my own voice, especially in a recording scenario. I feel that Lindsay was able to get the best performance out of me. He kept me loose and energized. He also had a knack for hearing that perfect arrangement of harmonies and backing vocals that perfectly punctuated our hooks and choruses.

Ultimately, recording at Junius is the best decision that we have made as band. I can't imagine we would have received a better all around experience or better quality product anywhere else.”

Josh Campbell, Orange Peel Sunshine

The recording process at Junius Recording brought out the best we could be and forced me to personally improve. Apart from being an excellent engineer, Chris Carmichael also has years of playing/recording experience. He was able to guide the process in the best direction and genuinely cared about our songs. He offered honest and creative input throughout the process and came up with creative ideas which are on the album. During mixing Lindsay Graham worked very hard to make sure we got where we needed to be, intelligently explaining the processes that he was using to get us there. He came up with good musical ideas that are on the album and did not shoot us with a shotgun when we kept coming back to the studio again and again. I will be more than happy to record at Junius Recording in the future.

Mike Parmele, Lead Pipe Lock

“I went to Junius based upon money constraints and mainly the finished product I had heard from Airline's album Farewell Republica. I already had a sense that this studio was different than all the rest. I could tell that Lindsay was not just a run of the mill sound engineer who had been burnt out on various projects he had no passion in, But rather he was an inspired entrepreneur with a high standard of vision. He felt like another member of the band.

“Once recording began we fell into the rhythm of how the studio and Lindsay operated. It was a laid back environment that sparked the creative juices in a way that only one's own home could. It was a a kind of comfort that usually takes months if not years to settle into, but somehow at Junius it was instantaneous. The process of working with Lindsay atJunius is whatever you need it to be. Your methods and focus are his. He works with you to accomplish the style, format, and vision of your project. I can't think of a better studio I've had the pleasure of working with.”

Caleb Campbell, The Polycorns, solo artist

“As primarily a mixer, I get tracks sent to me from all over the place. When Tracks from Junius arrive i know my life will be easy. Good sounds, well organized, and quick communication should I need it. Junius is top notch in my book.

J. Hall - producer, engineer, mixer