Studio Policies


  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Production
  • Post Production
  • Voice Overs
  • Advertisement Audio
  • Audio and Music for Film and Video

Music Rates

  • $45 per hour (2 hour minimum)
  • $320 per 8 hour day

These are our standard rates. Every project and every client is unique. Please contact us about your needs and budget (seriously).


  • $85 per hour (2 hour minimum)


  • Free range of the studio and its amenities
  • Engineer
  • All on-site studio equipment
  • House musical instruments and amplifiers
  • Our complete dedication and focus


We book sessions by appointment only. All sessions require a deposit equal to 2 hours' fee to book a session. Any additional time and materials must be paid in full at the end of the session. Payment may be made by cash, personal or company check, money order, or credit card.

Cancelation and Rescheduling

You must provide notice of intent to cancel or reschedule a session no less than 48 hours (two days) before the date of the session. Failure to provide adequate notice will result in forfeiture of deposit and a new deposit will be required for future booking. Subsequent failure to call within the 48 hour period will require you to pay in full for any sessions thereafter. To avoid paying cancellation fees please only book your session if you are certain you can make it as scheduled. As a professional courtesy, please notify us as soon as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule.


Your account must be paid in full prior receiving your master. Masters are generally provided on CD, DVD, or hard drive.

Studio Time

When possible, you may move in and start setting up prior to your start time. If the studio is available and the engineer is not present, there will be no charge until the engineer arrives. Please call the day before your session to determine if an early setup is possible. The clock begins when the engineer starts working with you setting up equipment, getting levels, debugging customer equipment and instrument problems. If during long sessions you wish to take a meal break, you may do so off the clock. If you want to work through the meal break to listen to the session, do edits, overdubs, ect., the clock continues to run. The engineer may choose to eat and work at the same time. When you indicate you are finished and the equipment is no longer in use the clock stops. (If a master is being burned, the clock continues to run until the master is finished.)

Starting Time

When you schedule time, it is expected you will arrive on time and we adjust our work schedule accordingly. It should be understood that we bill you from the beginning of your scheduled time regardless of what time you arrive. We have a 2 hour minimum and additional time is billed in 1/4 hour increments.

Ending Time

We do our best to be flexible. Often another session is scheduled immediately following yours and in most cases we allow at least 1/2 hour buffer between sessions. If you should require a little more time, we will try to continue and ask the next scheduled appointment if they can wait. However, if this is not acceptable to them, we ask that you be considerate and stop your project and schedule another session. It is always a good idea to estimate the amount of time you will need and schedule accordingly.

Studio Downtime

If the studio should suffer any failure to perform services due to illness, accident, equipment failure, forces of nature or otherwise we agree to reschedule the session at time convenient for both parties. Likewise, if the recording system should fail during your session you will receive equivalent free time to make up for this. However, we assume no liability for delays or charges caused by failure of client's equipment during a session.

Food and Beverage

You may bring your own food and beverages, or you may order food to be delivered. Food and drink may be brought into the studio but must be kept away from equipment racks, desk, and instuments.

No Smoking

Smoking is prohibited on the premises by order of the Fire Marshal. If you choose to smoke outdoors, please use the receptacle provided for this purpose.

Restricted Recordings

As a professional recording studio we respect the intellectual property rights of all artists. We reserve the right to cancel your session, and return your deposit, if we believe you are infringing on the copyrighted material of others. Mechanical licenses are required prior to manufacturing. At your request we will explain how to obtain mechanical licenses from the appropriate sources.

Drugs are Strictly Prohibited

We reserve the right to deny access to our premises and our equipment to those clearly under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Client Materials & Digital Media

Junius Recording Company holds client materials (recordings) for 30 days only. JRC is not responsible for materials left over 30 days. Junius Recording Company, LLC assumes no liability for client materials, digital media or storage of digital media, including but not limited to CDs, DVDs and hard drives. All digital media is to be provided and maintained by the client. We STRONGLY recommend each client backs up all digital media.

The Client is the Producer

Unless the client has prior arrangements with the engineer to act as a co-Producer, thereby providing production input, all decisions and approval of recorded material are the responsibility of the client. It is therefore recognized that the client is the Producer. The client is thus responsible for adequacy, appropriateness of musical style, performance, microphone/preamp choices, and all use of effects, reverbs, equalizers, limiters, instruments, and studio performers. It is also up to the client to insure that final mixes are performed to his/her satisfaction. The engineer must in this case only respond to the values chosen by the Producer. Finally, payment of all arrangers, musicians, and contract labor are the responsibility of the client.

The Fine Print

The Client shall be responsible for any loss or damage to studio property incurred by the Client, employees of the Client, guests of the Client, or agents of the Client acting under the Clients instruction as a result of misuse, negligence, and/or carelessness.

We respect the security and privacy of the Client's creations and will not distribute any of the client's material without the consent of the Client.

In the event of loss to or damage of the Clients recording media due to willful negligence, Junius Recording Compnay, LLC. shall be responsible for replacement of no more than the value of the total replacement cost of the unrecorded media and studio time to date devoted to said recording media.

We shall secure all other property left on the premises by the Client (other than recording media) but will not be held responsible for loss due to theft, fire, act of God, or any other occurrence.

These Terms and Conditions of Business constitute the entire agreement between the CLient and Junius Reording Compnay LLC, and may not be modified, changed, or terminated in any way, unless there is a written agreement signed by both parties.