Junius Recording Co. is a project-oriented recording studio located in Dallas, TX designed to facilitate your creativity with a thoughtful selection of gear, intimate acoustics, and a relaxed, comfortable vibe. We have decades of experience playing, composing, and recording music, and we've hand-crafted - literally - a studio designed to reflect our passion. Small, yet surprisingly modern for its 1918 carriage-house exterior, we strive to provide an environment which fosters communication and creativity. We listen carefully. We pay attention to details. We record good music well.
Control Room
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Live room
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More than just putting a microphone in front of you, tracking your music requires quality gear, professional acoustics, skilled engineering, and a savvy strategy for pulling the best performances out of you artistically and efficiently. We can record up to 20 sources at once, have two isolation booths, and an outstanding assortment of instruments and equipment.

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Whether you record with us or have tracks recorded at home or from other studios, mixing is the process wherein the songs truly come together. Though we have a carefully curated selection of analog and digital tools at our disposal, it's really the understanding of vision, balance, space, cohesion, and flow that make a mix.

It's not uncommon to find that in the midst of recording or mixing that something isn't working as well as it can, or that inspiration strikes again and demands immediate attention. Production isn't so much a stage of the process, but the method in all the processes - it's the constant answering of the question, "is there any way to serve the song better?" Making suggestions to our clients, writing parts, revoicing chords, reworking arrangements - we'll do everything in our power to get a song and performance to be inspiring.

Location Recording
Our rig is fully mobile, so we can record in nearly any location, whether it's a live show at a club, inside a grain silo for some spectacular reverb, or just in a non-studio atmosphere to enhance the vibe of the recording.


Recording Devices & Software: